Aurélien Raynaud was born 1970 in Provence.  Very young his attention turns to the wild world, including animals. He expresses that the relationship he has with them helps him to live, "it is a daily necessity, something about the sensory and not from knowledge."

    He stopped his studies at the age of 14. Encouraged by his father, a famous designer, he begin a classical training in drawing and architecture from Bernard Devillaire who graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris. His interest specify in painting and all its variations (pastels, oil, acrylic, ...) in order to stage his favorite topic: animals.

     Later he explores, by himself,  sculpture and its many variations (wood, marble, bronze, ...), still standing at the edge of allegory and the message to denounce the suffering of the animal world. Great defender of life, his work is a tribute to nature and its infinite richness.

  "The animal touches what is deepest in us. This is to regain what we have lost, rather than trying to humanize it. Learn to be guided by another form of intelligence and win humility lacking in our civilization "Aurélien Raynaud.